Black Sheep
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Sheep
Family Cow
Production Information
Voice Actor Tom Kenny
First Appearance Black Sheep of the Family

Black Sheep is a character from the Cartoon Network original series Cow and Chicken. He only appears in the episode "Black Sheep of the Family". He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Black Sheep is Cow and Chicken's cousin and the black sheep of the family. Like Boneless Chicken and Cousin Sow, it is unknown which side of the family he is related to. Although he is actually nice, people often accuse him of being a criminal and in the episode "Black Sheep of the Family" he is apprehended by Officer O'Fannahey (the Red Guy). However he was rescued by Super Cow and everyone changed their minds about him after he saved a woman's life from a heart attack.


  • Cow (cousin)   
  • Chicken(cousin) 
  • Mom (aunt)
  • Dad (uncle)
  • Flem (friend)
  • Earl (friend)                                                                   

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