I.R. Baboon
I.R. Baboon
Character Information
Aliases I.R.
Gender Male
Species Baboon
Production Information
Voice Actor Charlie Adler

I.R. Baboon is one of the main characters of the Cartoon Network original series, Cow and Chicken (particularly the I Am Weasel segments) and the spin off series I Am Weasel. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.


I.R. Baboon is Weasel's rival; a dimwitted, ugly, and ridiculed baboon characterized by his intense stupidity and hunger for attention. He despises Weasel because of his success and talent. I.R.'s main goal throughout the series is to acquire fame and surpass his enemy, though his utter lack of talent or skill presents numerous disadvantages in his chances of achieving this entirely unattainable goal.

His supreme willingness to top Weasel often endangers him severely, and his unintelligence burdens him with great vulnerability to hazards, leaving Weasel to race to his aid in many occasions. I.R. is characterized by his large, red buttocks, the subject of ridicule on countless occasions, and he resides in a dilapidated trailer outside of Weasel's immaculate mansion.

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